Friday, July 10, 2009

The Dance of Joy

Yesterday I had a whole lot of work and health related driving around to do, and I couldn't really take Oscar with me, but I didn't want to leave him stuck in his crate at home for 10 hours, so I brought him to the Milk Guy's. He loves those other dogs. He was certainly happy to be dropped off there, and, separation anxiety notwithstanding, it was a relief to leave him somewhere that I knew he'd be happy and I could be free to do all the running around I needed.

Keep in mind, though--I left him at the house at 7.30 in the morning. And I didn't pick him up until 5. When I got there the Milk Guy's two dogs were doing their usual jumping and dancing and barking, and there was Oscar. He wasn't barking. Jumping and dancing, though? He stood up on his hind feet, spun around in a 180-degree pirouette . . . and fell over. He wasn't hurt, and it was hilarious and adorable. I only wish someone else had been there to see it . . . besides the other two dogs, I mean.

Tonight Pastor Steve and Pastor Val came over for dinner, and then I took Oscar outside for his nightly "walk." Usually he kennels up right after that, but I had a pile of dishes to do, so I let him stay in the kitchen with me, outside of his crate. He almost went into it, and then evidently decided that I had made an error by not making him go in there, but he wasn't going to fight it, so he retreated with his one toy that he likes to the end of the hallway. He kept one eye on me, though. Which was fine, because I was keeping one eye on him. I was nearly done with the dishes when he tentatively walked over to the sink area. "No, really though?" his eyes seemed to say, "Didn't you mean to put me to bed?"

Of course as soon as I told him to go in there, he wandered off back down the hallway. A little treat (he eats treats now!) soon rectified that, however. Such a good dog.

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