Monday, May 25, 2009

Heads Up

The article I wrote about the Asian Longhorned Beetle last year for New England Condominium magazine is now up on their site. Check it out if you want more info.

Also, I generally try to boycott the Wal-Mart company, but I just learned they're donating a significant sum of money to help the Worcester Tree Initiative replace our trees. It's so confusing when the "bad guys" act like the "good guys." (I'm pretty sure some people feel this way about Starbucks. Don't tell me I'm inconsistent. I struggle with that enough.) Although it makes me feel a whole lot better about shopping at Sam's Club with the membership I got through New Church . . .


jeff said...

I am so with you on this! Somebody-- I think Shane Clairborne, writes about how boycotting can be a bit of a middle class exercise. Folks on the edge of poverty simply do not have the luxury of buying organic.
Wal-Mart makes my blood boil. But there are times that our finances are in a place that we "have" to shop there. (I suppose this is a bit of a symptom of the ways that not having super healthy finances interferes with our worship of Jesus.)
Personally, I so thoroughly distrust Wal-Mart that I don't for a second believe that things like support of the tree planting is anything but PR. I don't mind people getting PR, but that's different than merely doing something for PR.
There are so many causes I know are so important... The only way I get to sleep at night is to decide that I will support the ones that are the very closest to my heart, and hope that the ones that are just a bit further way from my heart are being taken care of by sombody who is more passionate in that particular direction.

Jenn said...

Yeah . . . I don't REALLY think Wal-Mart is altruistic. But I'm pleased that they're helping with the trees, even though I'm fully conscious of its being a publicity stunt.