Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Costume Shopping

Some girls get to take their friends or sisters and shop for wedding dresses. I got to take one of mine and shop for wigs and scarves for when I go bald. I was hoping I would have one of those bride-to-be moments where (as when some pending brides see a dress, try it on and never have to look any further) I would see a wig that looked just great and not need to worry about anything else. That didn't really happen, though. I've never really gone shopping for a Hallowe'en costume (the times I've dressed up, I've made my own), but I suppose there might have been similarities to that sort of trip, too.

Anyway, Kristin was a good person to have on hand. We both agreed that the square bandanas tied in the back looked good, and that dark auburn hair is a great colour on me. It was a little hard to tell about wig styles exactly, because I currently have so much of my own hair, it ballooned all the wigs out to comical proportions. I think I found one I like, though, in said shade of auburn, and although I at first thought I wouldn't bother with wigs at all, if my insurance covers enough of this one I might go for it. Meanwhile, I shall definitely be stocking up on bandanas.

Afterwards, Kristin and I went and got dinner, drank imported ale/cider and talked about the implications of everything that's going on in my life right now. And about the infestation of critters in her and Jerry's apartment.

Nothing like a girl's night out.


Annelise said...

How cool to think of you with auburn hair! With all the red heads on Dad's side, I'm not surprised that would be a good colour. And we'll pick up the tab for what insurance won't cover!

Anonymous said...

Public radio's "Signals" catalog used to sell hers-n-his' "Bad Hair Day"/"No Hair Day" baseball caps. -Mark K

K. said...

Hi Jenn,

by all means get a wig. You will feel so much better. I had two friends go through the getting bald thing and both looked much better in a wig than in just a scarf...

Praying for you

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